• is geared towards monitoring smallholder farming systems in tropical countries.
  • describes farms in terms of household, assets, land, livestock, crops and inputs and outputs.
  • is a bookkeeping tool for inputs and outputs at activity (crop, livestock) level and farm level.

MonQI is NOT an expert system that advices you how to better manage a farm, but .. MonQI

  • helps to systematically describe and analyze complex farming systems,
  • performs a number of basic checks and calculations (e.g. nutrient balances, gross margins and household income), and 
  • presents the information in a form for you to analyze and report further.

MonQI is..

  • multi level: flow (input/output) -> activity (crop, livestock) -> household
  • systematic and uniform: MonQI data can be compared across studies because of uniform format
  • continuous or one-off: use for one-off study or keep adding more information for same farm over longer period of time
  • flexible: an unlimited number of activities and flows can be defined per farm 
  • multidisciplinary: soil science (nutrient balance) and economy (performace of activities, household income) are combined in one tool
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